GTA 4 Helicopter Cheat

Gamers can easily tour Liberty City using the helitour option but if you want your own, using the GTA 4 helicopter cheat will provide you different model of helicopters to enjoy. Tour the city or get to your destination quicker with these helicopter cheats.

To get GTA 4 helicopter cheat, you will need:

  • GTA 4 game console
  • Game controller
  • Built in game mobile phone
  1. Activate cheats. To use GTA 4 helicopter cheat for the PS3, press the "upper d-pad button" on your game controller twice to view the entire mobile phone, then type in the ten digit number (listed below) to activate the cheat. Once you finish typing in all numbers, press the "green phone" icon screen to dial and enable the cheat code. A small message will appear at the top end of the screen, informing you the cheat is activated. Repeat the same step if you have GTA 4 on your Xbox 360 game system and use the same "d-pad arrow" to pull the phone into view and type in the helicopter cheat. For PC: Use the GTA 4 helicpopter cheat on your keyboard, pressing in the specific numbers to enable the cheat. Use the "arrow" twice on the keyboard to see the full phone then type in the cheat.
  2. Annihilator- This helicopter is highly popular with NOOSE, a law enforcement ranking above the regular police squad in GTA 4. To use this helicopter cheat, type: "359-555-0100" and immediately the Annihilator appears on screen.
  3. Buzzard. The buzzard helicopter is a illegal aircraft designed for the pilot or their passenger to shoot and kill, if necessary. To get your hands on a Buzzer in GTA 4, use the cheat: "359-555-2899" to activate the helicopter.



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