GTA 4: How To Get Money

To reach your fullest potential financially, you will need to use hard work and connections to learn how to get money in GTA 4. It slowly builds up when you earn respect and complete missions to buy clothes, food, weapons, and comes in great use for taking girlfriends and friends out for entertainment in the city.  Increase money in your Bank of Liberty’s using the following steps in the article.

  1. Do missions. Before you get money in GTA 4, you are practically penniless and are not bankable enough to earn big bucks yet. The more people you work with throughout the game and the harder the missions, the more you will start making large sums of cash.
  2. Make connections. One of the more important steps for making it in the city to increase your income is to befriend people. Characters in GTA 4 who have side missions are: "Little’ Jacob"(earn by delivering packages for him in a designated time), helping "Brucie’s" car races, and his friend, "Stevie", who will assign you to steal vehicles, and other random people you can help throughout the game. All these people will pay extra money for doing an excellent job.
  3. Do side missions. Aside from "Little Jacob's" and "Brucie’s" mini missions, fill the job doing police vigilante work, paramedic, and taxi missions. Robbing and assassinating people to earn extra money in GTA 4 are other ways to supplement income.
  4. Explore different ways to make cash. Take an armored money truck and go to a less populated area then blow up the truck with a rocket launcher or bomb. You will receive thousands in cash for doing little work.
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