GTA 4: How To Pick Up Hookers

Figuring out how to pick up hookers on GTA 4 can be difficult, unlike past Grand Theft Auto games. The women stand less frequently in corners of the city, but when you find one, you will know exactly whom it is. Follow the basic instructions for picking up a hooker and she will be in your car in no time.

  1. Drive a flashy car. Women notice a cool looking vehicle and it increases your sex symbol status to pick up hookers on GTA 4. Driving around in a beat up vehicle is automatic disapproval for the hookers, and she will ignore you. Also, be sure to get two or four door cars instead of a motorcycle to avoid getting noticed by cops. They are always on alert in GTA 4 and if things look suspicious, they'll do whatever it takes to track you down.
  2. Cruise in certain locations. Since these hookers are not in every location in the city in GTA 4, your chances are higher in specific areas with prostitutes. These women mainly work in shabby areas located in Bohan, including the Triangle Strip Club. Aside from Bohan, GTA 4 hookers are seen near the industrial area in Broker.
  3. Go out at specific times. Similar to real life hookers, in GTA 4 the women generally offer their services at night, as there are less people trafficking the streets. A good time to pick up hookers is between the hours of 23:00-3:00 when they are visible.
  4. Pick up hookers. Now that you have a nice car and know the areas to find hookers, pull up to one and honk your horn to get her attention. On the GTA game controller, press the R3 thumb stick. She will walk up and respond to you, so let her get in your car and find a secluded spot (alleys and bushes) with less people and get busy. 
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