GTA 4 Lamborghini Cheat

The GTA 4 Lamborghini cheat is unknown unlike other exotic vehicles the main character is able to obtain immediate access. The Infernus is a similar built to a Lamborghini and rarely seen on the streets of Liberty City, which makes it more difficult to find.  However, there are two ways to get a Lamborghini in GTA 4 without a cheat although it takes work to earn it.

  1. Bernie missions. Bernie Crane is an old army associate of Niko during the Bosnian war and now resides in Middle Park. You will be able to meet Bernie in GTA 4 later part of the game. To get a Lamborghini in GTA 4 from Bernie, you must complete all three missions- “Hating the Haters”, “Union Drive”, and “Buoys Ahoy.” All three missions isn't too complicated to pass and after finishing “Buoys Ahoy”, Bernie gives Niko a call to find a new shiny Lamborghini awaiting him, courtesy from Bernie. The Lamborghini was a gift to Bernie from his partner, Mayor Bryce Dawkins.
  2. Races. Races in GTA 4 often have eye-catching high-powered vehicles that are not visible on the streets of Liberty City. One way to find a Lamborghini is working for Niko's over hyperactive friend, Brucie. Once you proven reliable in successfully completing Brucie missions, in turn you will work for his friend Stevie, stealing cars located in different spots in GTA 4. One of the cars on Stevie's list is the Lamborghini-when you drive it back to his garage, different Lamborghinis regularly seen on the street like any other vehicle in GTA 4. Steal any Lamborghini and park it in your own safe house garage, them later repeat Stevie’s mission.



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