GTA 4 Lost And Damned Cheats

Microsoft lackeys (or Xbox gamers) have historically had to wait the longest to get psychotic in the GTA world so it is only natural they are the biggest seekers of the “GTA 4 Lost And Damned” cheats. They already know from the Playstation fanboy websites pretty much everything there is to know about the game and already know what they want to do. But “GTA 4 Lost and Damned” is not only familiar and engaging, it is also tough. So cheating works great for not only lazy Xbox 360 players but they will also help further the career of your virtual criminal pal. All cheats in “GTA 4 Lost And Damned” are input on your phone.

  1. Weapons. Yes weapons are what separate us from the beasts. But do not get all liberal and incensed. If a bear had an opposable thumb, it would totally hit you with the boom stick and try to take over the earth. Two very useful “GTA 4 Lost And Damned” cheats address this issue. Whip out your phone and dial either 486-555-0150 or 486-555-0100 to gain different weapons packages that will keep you armed to the teeth and fearless of bears, cops, crooks and pedestrians. Kill them all.
  2. Cops are fun. One of the more entertaining aspects of any GTA game is being chased by the pigs. Car chases rule and if you are forced to bail and shoot it out with The Man, it is that much better. So grab your phone and dial 267-555-0150 to raise your wanted status and make the cops chase you.
  3. Cops suck. If you have not saved in a while and are flushed with cash, you may not want the cops to chase you. This is one of those “GTA 4 Lost And Damned” cheats that takes the power away from The Man and mellows out the situation. Just phone 267-555-0100. Too bad this “GTA 4 Lost And Damned” cheat does not work in real life when you are caught speeding home.
  4. Knight thee. Armor is not only useful, it will save your bacon more than a few times in the GTA world when cops, pedestrians or thugs unload on you. This is by far one of the more useful “GTA 4 Lost And Damned” cheats. Whip out the phone and dial 362-555-0100 for some armor.
  5. Cheater cheater. This is the best of the “GTA 4 Lost And Damned” cheats. Load it up for rough missions or psychotic rampages. To get full health, armor and ammunition dial 482-555-0100 and have a blast.          
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