GTA 4 Multiplayer Cheats

Grand Theft Auto 4 has been out for a fair amount of time, and it is no surprise that many players are looking to get a bit of an extra edge with GTA 4 multiplayer cheats. There are a few glitches that one can take advantage of in GTA 4, and they are very much what most would consider multiplayer cheats. If you don't mind having your fellow players hate you, a few of the simplest are listed below.

  1. The "Invisible Man" cheat is one of the easiest, and perhaps the most annoying, of the GTA 4 multiplayer cheats. This cheat essentially involves getting in to GTA 4's "Inner World," a space that is more or less out of view of other players.  The actual process is simple; all you need is a Cluckin' Bell with a restroom. Your first step is to go to the Bell, head towards the restroom, and swing the door open. It may be easier to do with some help – if you can get a second player to help keep the door open, the entire process is going to be a bit easier. With this said, though, a single player simply needs to remember to complete the next step before the door swings closed. While it is open, hoist your character on top of it by jumping, and then jump up and over the door. This will propel you "through" the wall, and in to the inner area. No one will be able to see you, and you will not be able to view character models – but you will be able to see names.  With a little skill, you can open up on other players and you will never been seen.
  2. The "Rapid Fire" cheat is one of the more popular GTA 4 Multiplayer Cheats in the game, and probably the most game breaking. This one requires a bit more than going invisible. You will need a fast firing weapon (an SMG), a heavy damage weapon (shotgun or sniper rifle), and some cover. Grab some cover. Anything will do; a low wall or dumpster is best, as they are in no danger of exploding. As you can imagine, try to be away from the fire fight when you try this the first time. Move your camera until your character is facing in the opposite direction from the cover.  Your character should still be attached to cover, but your camera should be facing "away" from the usual view. Begin firing your "fast" weapon.  Keep a good deal of ammo on hand for this, as it may take a few tries. Immediately switch to your "powerful" weapon.  This weapon will now do its normal damage, but at the faster gun's rate of fire.

As a warning, either of these glitches can stop working with any given patch of the game – after all, it is Rockstar's interest to fix bugs as soon as possible. Both of these bugs have lasted for quite a long time, and should work with a bit of effort. Always remember that using glitches in a game is a great way to have others refuse to play with you, so use these cheats wisely. 

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