GTA 4 Xbox 360 Cheats

Looking for some “GtTA" 4 Xbox 360 Cheats? If you are, keep reading. “GTA 4” is one in a long line of successful games from Rockstar. “GTA 4” is just as controversial as its predecessor and offers much more for the gamer to explore. A great game on its own, but toss in a few cheats and “GTA 4” becomes even more irresistible.

What you will need for this:

  • "GTA 4" game for Xbox 360
  • Xbox 360
  • Controller
  • Television or monitor to play on
  • Internet
  1. “GTA 4” offers several cheat codes to make gameplay more fun or easier. They are also great for some added enjoyment. These cheat codes are located on the internet and can be easily input into the game by following easy instructions. Some places to look for “GTA 4” cheat codes are Gamespot, Cheats-ign and Cheatscc websites.
  2. One means of enhancement is by using Niko’s cell phone. Pull it out anywhere (the cell phone) and key in various numbers for special uppers. Try, as an example, 267-555-0100 to remove wanted level or 267-555-0150 to raise wanted level for some added police fun. If you don’t like the weather, dial 468-555-0100 and another popular one is 227-555-0147 which will get you a Turismo.
  3. Consider these in-game cheats to get you ahead of the game or mission. Using the cell phone again, dial in 486-555-0150; this will open up a desirable cache of weapons, which include an Uzi, RPG and sniper rifle. The numbers 482-555-0100 will refresh all armor, health and ammo on Niko and make him fresh to continue your mission or illegal tirade. Just keep in mind that these cheat codes take away from the challenge of the game but can help you through a tight spot.
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