GTA San Andreas: How To Get A Girlfriend

Knowing how to get a girlfriend in GTA San Andreas takes some work. All of the women have different tastes in physical looks, which causes you to get a drastic makeover multiple times. Here is a guide on getting each girlfriend to accept you as a boyfriend.

  1. Denise Robinson. Denise is easily to get as a girlfriend in GTA: San Andreas because she is part of the storyline mission, "Burning Desire." Once you save her in the fire, she will be grateful that you rescue her being a hero and get the chance to accept Denise as your girlfriend.
  2. Helena Wankstein. Helena is a country girl located in Blueberry, a small town outside of Los Santos. You can find her on top of the Ammunation guns shop building shooting rounds, to get her as girlfriend, you must have very low fat, and slim built with at least 25 percent muscles, wear tattoos, and dress not too flashy or homely.
  3. Katie Zhan. Once you unlock enough missions, you can travel outside of Los Santos and visit different cities in San Andreas. The third girlfriend Katie resides in San Fierro practicing martial arts moves near the Avispa Country Club across from Burger Shot. Katie has refined tastes in men so you must dress stylishly head to toe and be physically  fit with muscles for her to be your girlfriend.
  4. Michelle Cannes. Michelle is located in the downtown San Fierro area. She owns her own mechanic shop business and found in the San Fierro's driving school talking to someone near the water cooler. Unlike Katie who prefers muscular men, Michelle likes her men overweight with only 50 percent fat.
  5. Barbara Schternvart. Northeast of Tierra Robada, you will find your fifth girlfriend, Barbara talking to another person outside the sheriff’s office in the small town, El Quebrados. You must be very big to get Barbara as a girlfriend and have at least 90 percent fat for her to like you.
  6. Millie Perkins. Similar to Denise, Millie is included in the storyline mission, "Key to Her Heart." The mission takes place in Las Venturas and you will have to follow her to an adult shop, steal a gimp suit then follow her again to her house then kill one of her loyal clients before he enters her home. After having sex with the woman, Millie becomes your girlfriend.
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