GTA San Andreas Money Cheat

If you seek the GTA San Andreas money cheat for the Playstation 2 you should be aware that there are actually a couple different options available. The wide open nature of "GTA San Andreas" encourages you to roam around, steal cars, commit homicides and beat the hell out of people for no good reason. While that is mildly psychotic, it is also fun, but expensive. Property, guns and women take their toll on your wallet, and we all need a little extra now and then.

  1. Cheating bastard boring way. Like all "GTA" games, "GTA San Andreas" has some controller button codes you can enter to become a big cheater. One includes a "GTA San Andreas" money cheat that not only nets you an instant 250K, it also heals you and gives you armor. While playing (do not pause the game), use your controller and enter R1, R2, L1, X, Left, Down, Right, Up, Left, Down, Right and Up.
  2. Ye olde fashioned way. While technically not a "GTA San Andreas" money cheat, simply completing whole sets of missions will earn you cash fast. Not the ones that progress the story line but the extra fun stuff. For example, the ambulance missions are easy, and if you complete all twelve, you get a health boost and net 40K in the process. Saving lives while driving like a crazy person is actually quite rewarding.
  3. Take the money. A fun "GTA San Andreas" money cheat is to target drug dealers. Forget the story line and just drive around looking for dope pushers. They stand still, wear either black jackets or white hoodies. It is fun to run them over, hop out of your stolen vehicle and murder them in the street while the horrified pedestrians flee. Oh, and you get 2K per kill, and they are everywhere. Yes indeed, vigilante killings are not only fun, they are also quite lucrative.
  4. The granddaddy money cheat. By far the best "GTA San Andreas" money cheat is horse betting. We are talking instant millionaire action. Just save up some cash murdering drug dealers and go to the Inside Betting Track. Save your game and put all your cash on the horse with the worst odds. When you lose, reload your game. When you win, save your game. Repeat until money is no longer an issue and you can get back to some seriously mindless antisocial behavior.
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