GTA San Andreas For PC Cheats

Looking for some “GTA San Andreas” for PC cheats? ”GTA San Andreas” is an action-adventure computer and video game that is developed and published by Rockstar Games. San Andreas is a fictional state in ”GTA San Andreas” that is actually made up of three real life cities. Those cities are Los Angeles, San Francisco and Las Vegas. ”GTA San Andreas” was released for the PC in 2005.

  1. Weapon Set 3. There are three different weapon sets in ”GTA San Andreas”. Weapon set three is the most powerful set. To use the weapon set three PC cheat for ”GTA San Andreas”, simply type in “UZUMYMW” at any point during game play. You can type that cheat code in uppercase or lowercase.
  2. Health, Armor and $250,000. This cheat code is the best ”GTA San Andreas” for PC cheat. When you type in “HESOYAM” during game play, you will be given full health, full armor and $250,000. You can use this cheat code as many times as you wish to.
  3. Clear Wanted Level. Of course, you are going to be playing the role of a criminal in ”GTA San Andreas”, so you are bound to run into the police during the game. If the police catch you, you will be arrested and sent to jail. However, you can clear your wanted level in ”GTA San Andreas”, which will get the cops off of your back. The ”GTA San Andreas” PC cheat for clearing your wanted level is “ASNAEB”.
  4. Faster Clock. Time can move very slow in ”GTA San Andreas” in between missions. If you want to speed the clock up so you can advance to your next mission sooner, simply type “YSOHNUL” during game play. Like all ”GTA San Andreas” PC cheats, you can type this cheat code in either uppercase or lowercase.

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