GTA San Andreas Ufo Cheat

Is there a GTA San Andreas UFO cheat? "GTA San Andreas" is one of the most involved, open ended games in existence. You can do so much in this game, including having sex with hookers. So, why wouldn't there be a UFO cheat for "GTA San Andreas"? Well, a great deal of searching was put into trying to locate the fabled UFO cheat for "GTA San Andreas." There were a lot of dead ends and unanswered questions about a UFO in "GTA San Andreas." Here's what was found. Here's how to find the UFO in GTA San Andreas… maybe.

  1. Floating cars. OK, OK, so this isn't a UFO cheat code for "GTA San Andreas." But, it's still cool. With this particular button mashing technique, you can make you cars float like a UFO. If you have a PS2, press SQUARE, DOWN, L2, UP, L1, CIRCLE, UP, X. If you have an XBOX, press UP, DOWN, L, R, L, RIGHT, LEFT, L, LEFT. Your cars will be able to go airborne with this "GTA San Andreas" code, but that's not what you want is it? No, no, you're not satisfied. You want a friggin UFO. Well, read on. Because, for all the searching done, there was only one clue, one tidbit of information to lead gamers to the fabled UFO in "GTA San Andreas."
  2. UFO? There seems to be only one way to find the UFO in "GTA San Andreas." You have to complete all of the game. One hundred percent of it. Not only that, you have to do it without using a single cheat throughout the game. If you can make it through the game without using a single cheat, then you can try to find the UFO in "GTA San Andreas." You can find it in that restricted area in the desert. Apparently, you can shoot lasers and abduct people. Pretty cool.



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