GTA San Andreas Zombie Cheat

The GTA San Andreas zombie cheat does not further the story line or improve your game play. It is actually quite useless but as most fans of GTA San Andreas already know, there is so much more to the game than just the plot. Basically this is a combination of two cheats that turns San Andreas into a surreal land of no cars that is patrolled by super angry mobs of pedestrians. Just like a zombie flick, every time they spot you, they swarm in and attack forcing you to keep moving, shooting and hiding. It gives the game a survival horror feel like Resident Evil.

  1. Start a new game. To do the GTA San Andreas zombie cheat you will need to start a new game file. Obviously you should keep it separate from your actual file but you will want to keep it around to amuse yourself later.
  2. OG Loc again. Remember good ol' OG Loc way back when you first started playing? You will have to start his missions to get the GTA San Andreas zombie cheat going. When you get to the mission at the beach, talk to the DJ there are always respond in a positive manner. When she asks you to dance with her, take off running and notice the streets are void of any traffic.
  3. Button cheating time. Now to activate the GTA San Andreas zombie cheat you will have to do a little button cheating input. The cheat we will use is the Angry Pedestrians cheat. To enter this mode, simply use your controller and enter Down, Up, Up, Up, X, R2, R1, L2 and one more L2. Be aware that after you input this code, it is on.  All the pedestrians in the street will suddenly start trying to kill you.


  • The GTA San Andreas zombie cheat can be activated anytime you flee from the DJ after she asks you to dance. You have time to gather guns, health and armor if you desire.
  • If you grow tired of zombie horror chases, you can always input a weapons cheat code and lay into those bastards.  
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