Guard Recruiting Assistance Program

The Guard Recruiting Assistance Program is a recruiting program that the Army National Guard has that gives bonuses to current National Guard soldiers who are approved Assistant Recruiters. The process to become an Assistant Recruiter is voluntary and can be handled online by applying with Docupak, an independent contractor who processes the applications for the Recruiting Assistance Program. Once approved, a Recruiting Assistant will complete online training with Docupak and then be able to assist National Guard recruits within their community and circle of influence.

In exchange for the services provided in recruiting soldiers into the National Guard, Assistant Recruiters receive between $1,000 to $2,000 for each recruit that reports for Basic Training. Also for recruits that may be veterans and that are looking to rejoin the military through the Guard Recruiting Assistance Program, an Assistant Recruiter can receive between $1,000 to $2,000 for each member that affiliates for at least four months with a National Guard Unit. For officer recruits, an Assistant Recruiter can receive up to $7,500 through their efforts for the National Guard's Recruiting Assistance Program.

Upon approval as an Assistant Recruiter for the National Guard, a welcome pack is mailed to the Assistant Recruiter's home outlining the guidelines of the program. This program offers National Guard soldiers an opportunity to not only expose their friends and contacts into the community to the National Guard, but also gives them a valuable income. Also the position in the recruiting program is part-time, allowing a soldier to pursue other career goals while they are an Assistant Recruiter.

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