Gucci Mane Tattoos


More and more people are becoming interested in Gucci Mane Tattoos. Born Radric Davis, aka “Gucci Mane,” is a rapper famous for his albums released in 2000’s, but maybe even more famous because of his personal lifestyle. He was involved in a number of legal problems culminating in his jail term, but most of all, he became famous because of his tattoos. His body has become synonymous with art, almost covering his body with ink.

  1. Microphone– Tattooed in the middle of his chest almost reaching the navel, this work is perhaps a testament to his profession. An emcee by profession, having a mic on your chest is definitely a proclamation of your art.
  2. So Icey Boys– Inked across his chest, this is the name of the group that Gucci Mane belongs to. As rappers and emcees often treasure their buddies like their own blood kin, having his group’s name on his body shows his loyalty.
  3. Teardrops– Perhaps one of the most famous Gucci Mane tattoos is the set of three teardrops on his left cheek.  This perhaps started his fascination with face tattoos.
  4. Notes– He has flames and musical notes on his left arm.  It can be a little difficult to see them because of all the other artwork, but they’re there. Looking for these notes is like playing “Where’s Waldo?”
  5. Ice Cream– The latest of the Gucci Mane tattoos is the three scoop ice cream covering his right cheek.  Inked after his release from a mental health facility where he was tested because of his incapacity plea during a previous court hearing, the word “BRR” was also included on the cone.
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