Guide To Dating American Women

If you're new to the scene, you might need a guide to dating American women. The best thing about women in America is the variety of ladies you'll encounter. Within the dating sphere are women of all ages, ethnicities and backgrounds. Behind these qualities, however, is the cornerstone that makes American women unique. American women are creatures of their environment, and as much as they want to have it all, they expect their men to be all that, too.

  1. Independence. The guide to dating American women holds independence as a merit in a man's belt. Solid men who can take care of themselves, are not pushovers and get the job done are qualities American girls look for. Independence is a founding strength of American culture, and women born in this country seek it in the men they date.
  2. Good provider. Close to independence is being a good provider as part of the guide to dating American women. Do you have a job? What kind of job it is? Are you educated beyond high school? How much do you make? Don't be surprised when she asks you about your employment. It's part of culling through the available men at her fingertips.
  3. Strength of character. In order to understand the guide to dating American women, the sum total is about being strong. Strength of character is a turn on to American chicks. They want a man who can do it all: provide, be handy around the house, have an education, stay fit and be fun. It takes a tough individual to be all that, but this is what she expects.
  4. Understanding. If you want to know about the guide to dating American women, you must be understanding. The female culture in America underwent a revolution over the  past forty years. Women liberated themselves and asked to be equal. What's confusing is the dating process, some women want to be treated as equals and others are old-fashioned. Sorting through who wants what is the task at hand. But how fun to meet different types of women and decide what you like and what you don't!
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