Guide To Dating Indian Women

This guide to dating Indian women is the first step towards meeting your cross-cultural dating goals. Depending on the Indian immersion her family holds to, an Indian woman may or may not be open to dating someone of another race. Traditionally, women from India are obligated to marry within their ethnicity, but more westernized Indian women are open to dating non-Indian men. Indian people tend to be successful academically and financially and can be found living in prosperous areas.

  1. Learn about Indian culture. There are diverse religions and customs throughout India, so don't make an assumption that all Indian women believe a certain religion or follow certain principles. Respectfully ask questions about your date's particular background to show your interest when dating Indian women.
  2. Research courtship customs for Indian women. You can look into this via books or the internet, but the best way to immerse yourself in the ways of a people is to surround yourself with them. Attend social events or a church with a large Indian population to observe and interact.
  3. Increase your Indian language vocabulary. Drop names of Indian cultural icons and celebrities and you will make an impression. Show an appreciation for Indian music like Bhangra, which is a percussion-heavy music heard in many Bollywood films. In addition, new iPhone applications can conveniently give you translations that will show your Indian date you are willing to make an effort!
  4. Be aware there are sure to be traditional Indian family values. Her family may have trouble accepting someone outside of their race for their daughter. Many families hold their women in traditional female roles unless they have become more westernized. It has become more common to encourage young women to be able to support themselves prior to marriage, so customs are progressing.
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