Guide To Dating White Women

All women are mysterious and something to be figured out so here's a guide to dating white women. White women tend to be in a category all their own, however, and sometimes there may be misunderstandings. White women are still women, however, and are in need of love and understanding just like everyone else. There are some tips to dating white women and we have provided a guide to help you do as such. 

  1. Be confident. No one likes someone who is shy, distant and not self confident. No need to be too cocky, but do have some self esteem. Love yourself and the rest usually follows. 
  2. Smile, even the hardest of gangsters have a soft side. Women of all shapes and sizes love a smile. Not only do they love the smile, but they love a man who can laugh and have a good time. 
  3. Don't put too much emphasis on race. Truth is, we are heading to the future here. Just like you do not like being profiled for being another race or color, there is no need to remind her or you that she is white. Now, there may be friends or family members who will have a problem with this. Remember, they are family but you love who you love. Try not to drag too much drama into the mix as it can be a detriment to the relationship. You shouldn't care what people think! 
  4. Expand your music library.  Keep an open mind,  and do not limit yourself to one genre of music. 
  5. Travel, go out and have fun! Learn to hike, bike, hang out, go to clubs and attend concerts. Everyone likes to have fun so make yourself available to go out!
  6. Be romantic, emotionally available, affectionate and great at making love. Hugs, kisses, holding hands, listening and holding her when she cries are some of the things that women, no matter the race, really appreciate. These are simple things to do. White women love affection, attention and sexuality. Make love often and have fun with it.

These simple tips could help you land a white women or simply make the relationship you already have flourish. 

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