A Guide To Giving Her The Best Oral Sex Ever

A guide to giving her the best oral sex ever is just what you need to get the sexual juices flowing in your relationship. Learn the secrets of the female sexual organ and how your lips and tongue can give her maximum pleasure. The specially selected pointers below will bring her to new levels of sexual excitement. 

  1. Shave. There’s nothing that ruins the moment more than itchy stubble or a prickly mustache. Little hairs rubbing against her vagina could cause scratches or irritation. Make sure your skin is as smooth as a baby’s bottom before you even think of going down on her.
  2. Start with foreplay. Oral sex requires foreplay just as much as sexual intercourse does. Prepare her body and get her wet by teasing her. She’s waiting for you to get to her clitoris, but you should take your time getting there. Breathe on her body, massage her, and trace kisses around every part of her, except her hot spot. Once you’re down at the site of action, suck on her labial lips and lick around the area before you even get started. She’ll be screaming for you to get in there.
  3. Kiss like you would her mouth. Any kind of clitoral stimulation is what she needs to get going. Kissing is one of the best ways to get her really wet and on her way to an orgasm. All you have to do is imagine as if you were kissing her mouth. Take her clitoris between your lips and suck a little bit. Work in a little French kissing by including your tongue-have it dart out and touch her clitoris lightly, use it to flick her clitoris, and don’t forget to lick all around.
  4. If she likes something, repeat it. Avoid your instinct to react to her squirms and groans by increasing the intensity and pressure. This is not what she’s actually asking for. When she likes something you did down there so much that she grabs your head and moans, it means that you should continue doing what you’re doing-no more, no less.
  5. Ask her what she likes. No two women are the same. One reaches her hardest orgasm when she’s riding your face while another will only be able to reach orgasm lying down. One will need you to finger her or touch her nipples while another wants to concentrate solely on the sensation of your tongue on her clitoris. The best way for you to give her the best oral sex ever is by getting her to tell you want she desires. She can dictate while you are eating her out, or you can try your best moves and she can moan in favor or against.
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