Guide To Kickboxing Hand Wraps

Here is a guide to kickboxing hand wraps. Kickboxing hand wraps may seem out of the ordinary in the list of importance as the sport focuses on the feet. However, the protection of the hands is necessary. There are several types of wraps and ways of applying the gear.

  1. Pre-made glove styles. There are commercially made gloves used for the sport of kickboxing hand wraps.. The fingerless glove construction typically has straps attached. The straps are wrapped around the palm area and then down around the wrists. This apparatus is made of stretchy combinations of material and  includes herringbone inserts to assist in stabilizing the hand during competition. This is probably the oldest type of kickboxing hand wraps still used in the sport today. Modern versions may replace the herringbone with hard plastic or thin metal pieces.
  2. Cotton stockings. An apparatus similar to a thick sock designed to cover the hand are available as kickboxing hand wraps. These stockings are slid over the hand with the fingers sticking out one end. They are typically taped in place with medical or sports tape to hold them in place. The cotton assists in cushioning the hand and spares the skin from blistering from material slipping. The thick stockings are available at most sporting goods stores and require assistance to apply the tape prior to bouts.
  3. Guaze wraps. Kickboxing hand wraps are often created out of simple medical grade guaze. The guaze is wrapped, typically by a trainer or other professional, around the hand in a manner to cover the entire palm area and expand slightly down the wrist. The guaze is then held in place with medical or sports tape to keep it from slipping during a match.
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