Guide To Masturbation

When seeking pleasure, you should have a good guide to masturbation. Knowing how to masturbate can help you to reach your ultimate goal in masturbation: orgasm. This guide to masturbation will help you masturbate and most of all, reach the maximum point of pleasure in masturbation.

  1. Always allow an adequate amount of time for masturbation. When you are masturbating, you should allow yourself plenty of time to do so. Go into your destination and lock the door. Take plenty of time to explore your body and learn what you like the best. After you find what you like, take advantage of it. It can lead to lots of pleasure and orgasm.
  2. Try out different strokes and positions. When masturbating, you can try out different positions and strokes. If you normally masturbate while lying down, try sitting up or standing up. This can lead to finding more pleasurable ways to masturbate. You can also try different strokes. If you normally use your whole hand, try using just a few fingers or switch hands. The new experience will lead you to more pleasure.
  3. Use lubrication to make masturbation feel as real as possible. If you want to make it feel real, try using lubrication. If you use lubrication, the warm and wet feeling can help you to achieve orgasm easier. It will also make it feel more like you are having sex. This can lead to a very pleasurable orgasm.
  4. Don’t be afraid to try new things. If you have never tried something, you do not know if you will like it or not. So, try out new things. Try different positions and strokes. Try masturbating at different times of the day. Try different locations. This can help you to orgasm easier.
  5. Use different props to help it feel the best. When all else fails, try using props. You can try using a pillow to masturbate into or a sock. This can help the pleasure feel more like sex. It can also be more exciting.

When you are masturbating, always remember if it feels good, keep doing it. When you find a way that you like take advantage of it. Always give yourself plenty of time to please yourself, and you will always reach orgasm.

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