Guitar Hero 3 Cheats Xbox 360

If you own "Guitar Hero 3" for the Xbox 360, you should definitely know some "Guitar Hero 3" cheats for the Xbox 360. These cheats will do everything from making the game harder to getting you every song in the catalog!

  1. Hyperspeed mode. Inputting orange, blue, orange, yellow, orange, blue, orange, yellow into "Guitar Hero 3" for the Xbox 360 will unlock hyperspeed mode. The best way to describe this cheat for "Guitar Hero 3" that it is expert mode on steroids. The notes and chords on the screen fly at an almost near impossible speed to hit, but if you are up to the challenge, give it a try.
  2. Easy expert. This will make expert the speed of easy mode to make it easier for your to get the changes in "Guitar Hero 3" for the Xbox 360. Input green red, green yellow, yellow blue, red blue, blue orange, yellow orange, red yellow, red blue into "Guitar Hero 3" for the Xbox 360 to make expert mode easier for you and your friends!
  3. Unlock all songs. Entering this cheat into "Guitar Hero 3" for the Xbox 360 will unlock all of the songs in the game. The all powerful code for "Guitar Hero 3" is yellow orange, red blue, red orange, green blue, red yellow, yellow orange, red yellow, red blue, green yellow, green yellow, yellow blue, yellow blue, yellow orange, yellow orange, yellow blue, yellow, red, red yellow, red, yellow, orange.


  • To input these codes, press the button or set of buttons down and then strum once, then move onto the next button or set and continue until you have input all of the buttons and strummed each one.
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