Guitar Hero 3 Cheats

Use these Guitar Hero 3 Cheats to make your favorite rockin' video game fresh and fun again.  This exciting music video game, released in 2007, is part three of the original Guitar Hero series which allows users to strum along with their favorite rock songs on a simulated guitar.  Players can choose to play lead guitar or bass guitar, and there is also a little-known Guitar Hero Cheat that introduces air guitar.  We've provided working Guitar Hero 3 cheats below, but in order for them to work, they must be entered in the order as shown.  When to notes are closed in by parenthesis, strum the noted chords at the same time.  To enter the cheats, go to 'Main Menu', 'Options', 'Cheats', 'New Cheats'. 

  1. Air guitar – Many people that have been playing the game for years don't know about the air guitar cheat, so you can catch all your friends off guard with this one.  Once you enter it, your character will appear playing an air guitar.   "(YB) (GY) (GY) (RB) (RB) (RY) (RY) (YB) (GY) (GY) (RB) (RB) (RY) (RY) (GY) (GY) (RY) (RY)."
  2. No fail – Let's say, after playing the game for hours, you are still unable to complete a particular song.  Hey, it happens to the best of us!  This Guitar Hero 3 Cheat will make it impossible to fail a song, however, it will not work in Career Mode. "(GR) B (GR) (GY) B (GY) (RY) O (RY) (GY) Y (GY) (GR)."
  3. Performance mode – During typical game play users are given several indicators that show them which notes to play, where they are in regards to Star Power, and if they are in the green, yellow or red zone.  During Performance Mode, all of that is taken away from you and you must play 'blind'.  Obviously, this Guitar Hero 3 Cheat will only work for someone that has a lot of experience with the game.  "(RY) (RB) (RO) (RB) (RY) (GB) (RY) (RB)."
  4. Precision mode –  This Guitar Hero 3 cheat is one that only an expert player would consider using.  Precision Mode forces users to be precise with their strumming.  If you don't hit the keys at the exact moment it passes the fret bar on the screen, it is considered a miss.  During typical game play, you are given a slight leeway, but that is completely taken away during this advanced mode of play.  "(GR) (GR) (GR) (RY) (RY) (RB) (RB) (YB) (YO) (YO) (GR) (GR) (GR) (RY) (RY) (RB) (RB) (YB) (YO) (YO)."
  5. Unlock all 'Quick Play' songs – If you don't want to spend all day playing the easy songs to get to newer ones, simply use this Guitar Hero 3 Cheat to access all songs in Quick Play.  Unfortunately, the cheat doesn't work in Career Mode.  "(YO) (RB) (RO) (GB) (RY) (YO) (RY) (RB) (GY) (GY) (YB) (YB) (YO) (YO) (YB) Y R (RY) R Y O"
  6. Easy expert – This Guitar Hero 3 Cheat gives you a bit of an edge when you play in Expert Mode.  If you've ever tried to play Expert, you know how quickly the chords fly by the screen.  By unlocking Easy Expert, the timing window is slightly enlarged so that you have a bit more notice before they disappear.  "(GR) (GY) (YB) (RB) (BO) (YO) (RY) (RB)." This cheat won't work in single career mode, however.
  7. Unlock everything – Since you're cheating, why not break all the rules?  Enter this code to unlock all Guitar Hero 3 Cheats.  But be warned – you may have trouble entering the cheat because it requires you to enter four chords at a time.  Hint – A friend can help you reach the chords you can't reach yourself.   "(GR_BO) (GRYB_) (GRY_O) (G_BYO) (GRYB_) (_RYBO) (GRYB_) (G_YBO) (GRYB_) (GRY_O) (GRY_O) (GRYB_) (GRY_O)"
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