Guitar Songs For Beginners

If you are interested in learning guitar, then you should know the best songs to learn for beginners. These are the simplest guitar songs that almost anyone can learn within the first few months of playing guitar. You're sure to get your confidence up after you can play them successfully. Be sure to move on to some more advanced stuff after you master these tunes!

  1. “Knockin' On Heaven’s Door” This awesome acoustic classic done by Bob Dylan is simply four different basics guitar chords. These chords are G-D-C-Am. To play the song, you have to play a G-D-C progression and then a G-D-Am progression to the right rhythm and you’ll be playing this easy guitar song for beginners.
  2. “All Along the Watchtower” Another awesome song by Bob Dylan, the chord shapes are simply Am, F and G. If you want this beginner guitar song to sound perfect then you need to do an Am-G-F-G guitar chord progression to the rhythm, but with a capo on the fifth fret of your guitar.
  3. “Smoke on the Water” This easy guitar song is a little bit different than the other easy guitar songs on this list because it uses a riff rather than a chord progression. To do the riff you are going to be on the third and fourth strings and be playing the same frets on them the whole time. First play them open, then on the third fret, then the fifth, open, third, sixth, open, third, fifth, third, open. Listen to the original “Smoke on the Water” to get the timing down for this easy riff and then continue your way to rock stardom!
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