Gun Control Pros And Cons

Gun control pros and cons spark a number of well rounded debates on both sides of the issue. Gun control is one of the most contested, often heated debates of modern legislation—with both sides posing valid, reasonable arguments both for and against heightened gun regulation. What are some of the most commonly presented points offered for and against gun control?

Pro gun control supporters attest that legalized gun control would reduce crime and suicide rates. While it does seem logical that fewer guns on the streets and in homes would yield fewer accidental or self inflicted gun shot injuries—there is a downside to that logic. Anti-gun control advocates are quick to refute that criminals will continue to access weapons, whether legally or not, and law abiding citizens would be disadvantaged if unable to adequately protect themselves.

The Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution grants citizens the right to bear arms. While it can be assumed that the right to bear arms was not intended for criminal advantage—the right is inherent and cannot be vanquished by legislation without first repealing the Second Amendment. Supporters of gun control can certainly argue that our forefathers did not foresee modern technology, assault rifles or even criminal intent in composing that Second Amendment.

Gun control pushes law abiding citizens through paperwork hoops—but, does not necessarily impact criminals. Quite honestly, as gun control protesters are quick to note, criminals are not likely to adhere to gun control legislation. Criminal offenders will obtain weapons outside the scope of the law making the majority of legislated gun control buyers legal, law abiding citizens. Non-criminals will obtain the proper permits, licenses and gun safety training—while the root of the problem remains unaffected.

Gun control impacts privacy rights. While supporters of gun control announce the importance of knowing the backgrounds of gun buyers, opponents realize that most legal gun buyers have nothing to hide from law enforcement. The fear of opponents is that gun buyer fingerprints or personal information may fall into the wrong hands or be used in manners unintended—invading privacy and consumer rights.

Proper recordkeeping, licensing, gun dealer registration and mandatory gun theft reporting keep gun sellers and owners honest. Gun control supporters believe that if gun dealers are held accountable for sales and recordkeeping, fewer illegal weapons will fall through the cracks. If owners face criminal charges for failing to report stolen weapons, there is less risk of “loaning” or disposing of weapons. Opponents agree that recordkeeping will document legal gun sales and losses—but, understand that loopholes exist to both create illegal sales and allow criminals to obtain weapons outside legal circles. 

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