Gymnastic Ring Training Tips

Strength-building is at the heart of gymnastic ring training tips that men should attempt. Upper body strength is paramount for this workout but overall fitness and stamina also come into play. Secondary gymnastic ring training tips focus on balance, muscle control and breathing techniques.

  1. Push up and pull up. The goal is the body’s perfect “L” position. Gymnastic ring training tips stress completely stretched arms as the athlete alternately pushes himself up on the rings, dips down, pulls himself up again, remains pushing up and continues the cycle all over again. Repeat this exercise frequently.
  2. Handstand push-up. Swing upward until the body forms a perfectly straight line. Push the rings outward to stabilize; then push up, which brings the rings together. Dip down by allowing the rings to separate and repeat.
  3. Aided ring push-up. The rings are held together and the body is in a tight horizontal line. Feet are supported by a step rack or boxes at a level slightly higher than the rings. Practice push-ups for extended periods of time. Even though it is possible to do simple push-ups on the mat, when using these gymnastic ring training tips the athlete also gets a feel for the rings and their movements.
  4. Yoga exercises. Breathing exercises, body control and the ability to hold even strenuous poses for a prolonged period of time mark the advanced yoga workout. When not actually training on the rings, rely on yoga to help with muscle control and balance. Work on yoga before and after ring exercising.

Simple gymnastic ring training tips make a huge difference in the athlete’s ability to score higher at show events or even just maintain energy and concentration while working out at the gym. Do not discount the need for steady repetition to build muscle memory.

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