Gymnastics Ab Workout

Gymnastics is all about speed, agility, power and flexibility and to develop all of that you have to have a gymnastics abs workout that really targets and strengthens your entire core. When it comes to gymnastics the most important muscles in the body are the abdominal and back. A strong conditioned core is crucial to your ability to not only hold rigid but to contract quickly in order to generate momentum for some skills. Below you will find some of the sit up style exercises in a gymnastics abs workout to help develop the phenomenal strength and power needed.

  1. Advanced Leg Lifts.  This is a take-off on the sit up abs workout and will help strengthen both upper and lower abs. Lie flat on your back with your legs straight and place your hands flat palm down on the floor just under your glutes. Slowly lift your toes up towards the ceiling. Then just before your legs reach the vertical point, lift your lower back off the floor and hold for a second or two.
  2. N-Ups.  Lie flat on your back then bring your arms and shoulders forward while bringing your legs up and in at the same time at the top end of this maneuver you should be balanced on your butt. Be careful when doing any type of “sit up” abs workout. You need to take it slow and easy and make sure of your position so you do not get hurt.
  3. V-Ups.  V-ups are done similar to N-Ups but keep your legs straight and finish with a v position. This gymnastics abs workout also targets upper and lower abdomen as well as muscles in the lower back.
  4. Hanging Sit Ups.  The hanging sit up is a favorite gymnastics abs workout because it not only targets all the needed areas but also add that extra balance and weight that is crucial to developing the control needed for the sport. To do a hanging sit up you need either gravity boots or a bar to hang from. Hang upside down from your knees on the bar with your arms crossed over your chest and slowly raise your torso up towards your knees.
  5. Side conditioning.  Lie on the floor on your side and lift your shoulders and legs of the floor and hold. Repeat this gymnastics abs workout on the other side.
  6. Basic sit up.  Just like when you were a kid in gym class this abs workout exercise has not changed. Lie on your back and bring your knees up and together until your feet are flat on the floor then lace your fingers behind your head and slowly raise your upper torso towards your knees. Bring your elbows forward and touch the opposite knee caps so that as you raise you also twist. This exercise is meant to do with a partner or leverage of some sort. As a buddy to hold your feet to the floor or hook your feet under the edge of the sofa to reduce strain.
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