Gymnastics Agility Drills

Going through gymnastics agility drills will improve agility, stamina, and strength. Having all of these components when competitions come with ensures that luck and the chance to win is on your side. There are many drills out there for the gymnast to do, but some of these drills are not needed when you go through some of the more extensive and harder drills for the body. Keeping a steady schedule of gymnastics agility drills will ensure you build the muscle needed.

  1. Agility T Drill. Set up a series of cones in the order or pattern you would like them to be, and provides a challenging pattern. Sit down cross legged until it is your turn. They will then pop up run to the end of the cones and back as fast as they can. On the way back they have to run through the course backwards, to the left and to the right backwards as well. You can throw in more players or even a ball to throw back and forth.
  2. Figure Runs. Set out a course that consists of a series of cones. You should have a small group to run through this with. Use the cones to construct courses that are shaped like numbers such as three, eight and so on. The first figure should be finished before moving onto the next, and should be done by the players in a line. This will build agility, but is not just used as a gymnastics agility drill.
  3. Box Drill. Make a ten meter long square on all sides. Place one single cone right in the center of the box. Start at this position. The corners should be given separate names. Someone runs out the names of the corners and middle at random and the player has to run to each of the areas that are called as fast as they can. Sometimes this can also be played by starting in the middle, running to the corner, then back to the middle for the next one to be called. You can make the drill as easy or complicated as you would like by taking on longer sequences of places to run before meeting in the middle again.
  4. The Sprint Lateral Shuffle. Set up markers in zigzags along a field. Start at the first marker, and zigzag across meeting each and every marker by side stepping through them. Try to stay on your toes until the end. Repeat it going backwards if you can, and switch feet for side stepping. 
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