Gymnastics Arm Workout

A gymnastics arm workout is tailored in developing bigger and stronger biceps and triceps. These workouts are the main reasons why you can see Olympic gymnasts exhibit lean, powerful, and strong arms when executing their gymnastic moves. One will need weights and some bars to cling on in order to perform the following gymnastics arm workouts that focus on developing arm muscles strength, tone and endurance.

  1. Towel pull-ups. This exercise requires the use of one or two towels and a beam attached to a sturdy foundation or a tree branch. Throw the towels over the beam or a branch. If you have two towels hanging already, grip each towel at the end (one hand for each towel) and pull your body weight from the ground for at least ten seconds. Take a rest then repeat the same move again. If you are using one towel hanging from a beam already, you could start by doing the baseball grip and then lifting your bodyweight off the ground until your arms reach a 90 degrees angle. This arm workout concentrates on strengthening the exterior of the biceps and the brachialis located at the upper arm.
  2. Close grip pull ups or close grip chin-up. This arm workout will require a beam attached to a sturdy foundation or a pull up bar in any gym. Grab the pull bar with your hands at least sixteen inches apart, your palms should be facing you. Grip tight and pull yourself up from the floor. Make sure that the force is coming from your arms and not your back. Make sure to bring your chin up to reach the level of the pull bar or above the pull bar. Hold for at least ten seconds and return to start position. This arm workout targets the interior head of the biceps.
  3. The standard or basic pull-ups. Your position will be very similar to the close grip chin ups. However, the difference lies on your grip at the pull bar. With your palms facing outwards, grip the pull bar and pull your bodyweight off the ground. This arm workout works on the exterior biceps head and the brachialis as well.
  4. The one arm or uneven pull-up. This requires you to master the close grin chin ups prior to starting the one arm pull up. The routine involves the pulling of bodyweight from a pull up bar using just one arm while the other hand grabs the wrist of the arm pulling the weight. The focus of this exercise really hits on the core of the biceps. A tip in doing these moves is to go slow and smooth so as not to put so much stress on the arm pulling your bodyweight. You may use assisted one arm pull up holding a towel with the other hand for added support if necessary.
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