Gymnastics Bicep Workout

A gymnastics bicep workout is an important element in any routine. In this sport you certainly want to spend time on this important muscle, improving strength and conditioning. Here is a simple gymnastics bicep workout that can be implemented in your workout routine.

  1. Pull up. The pull up, along with the chin up, forms a great bicep workout for gymnasts. Many Olympic gymnasts use bodyweight exercises to develop their biceps. Get a good idea of your abilities and add a certain number of reps and sets to your routine with pull ups.
  2. Chin up. Do some regular chin ups as well, using a comfortable number of reps for two to three sets. 
  3. Advanced pull ups and chin ups. As you develop bicep strength and become more advanced, you could take on some advanced pull ups and chin ups for your gymnastics bicep workout. The clapping pull up and one arm chin up would be great additions to any gymnast's workout. Only take on these advanced exercises when the time is right, though, to avoid injury or muscle strain.
  4. Chin up static hold. Rounding out the gymnastics bicep workout is the chin up static hold. Holding yourself at a 90 degree angle, or just above the bar, this fantastic bodyweight exercise is another solid exercise to initiate growth and strength in the biceps.
  5. Safety warnings. Play around with these exercises before you develop a routine. You should also be very careful with the more advanced exercises, as these can be dangerous for anyone who is not ready for them. Remember to give yourself sufficient rest time before starting another bicep workout.
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