Gymnastics Chest Workout

A gymnastics chest workout is an extremely important part of a gymnast's training. The chest is not to be overlooked, certainly, for any type and level of gymnast. Using bodyweight exercises here is a gymnastics chest workout that can be molded to fit any gymnast's needs and ability level.

  1. Dips. Dips are great for the chest and other muscles, such as the triceps and shoulders. Using your bodyweight, find a good number of reps to perform two to three sets of dips. Remember to move slowly to receive maximum gains for your chest.
  2. Double medicine ball pushups. Here the medicine ball provides a stabilization element that appeals to gymnasts. This great bodyweight exercise will help develop the chest and supplementary muscles well. Aim for two to three sets.
  3. Various pushups at different heights. Pushups are certainly a major portion of any chest-based workout. Relative to the number of exercises you wish to have in your gymnastics chest workout, add some various pushups to your routine. Feel free to use more advanced pushups if appropriate. Incline, decline, one-handed, and clapping pushups are just a few from the many choices you have. This can round out your gymnastics chest workout with the right number of bodyweight exercises.
  4. Safety. Be careful not to take on too many chest exercises for your gymnastics workout, especially if you are just starting. Also, be careful when performing advanced exercises, as these can cause injury if you are not ready to perform such workouts. Additionally, allow yourself enough rest between workouts to avoid straining yourself.
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