Gymnastics Conditioning Drills

Proper gymnastics conditioning drills are a necessity for any aspiring gymnast. Gymnastics is a physically demanding sport that requires immense flexibility, feats of impressive strength and awe-inspiring coordination. If you are looking to improve your athletic performance, be sure to try out these gymnastics conditioning drills.

  1. Running. Running is a great aerobic exercise that aims to improve your stamina. Running will not only strengthen your core, but it will also burn fat, which is great for maintaining a lean body. Lean body mass and a strong core are necessary of every gymnast.
  2. Push-ups. Push-ups are one of the most basic bodyweight exercises that one can do. It also happens to be one of the most efficient core, chest, and tricep workouts that you can do. Anyone from novices to professionals can perform the push up, which is why it is accepted as one of the starter gymnastic conditioning drills. As with all exercises on this list, remember to do each repetition slowly and controlled. This will ensure that your form is perfect and the proper muscle is targeted.
  3. Handstand Push-ups. The handstand push-up will improve your vertical skills, your balance and will serve as an epic compound workout on your upper body. This exercise is one of the better gymnastics conditioning drills because balance and coordination is an important aspect of gymnastics, and this exercise is one effective way to improve those two attributes.
  4. Dips. Dips are a body weight exercise that emphasizes your chest and triceps. If not made immediately noticeable at first glance of this list, most gymnastic exercises will be based off of your body weight and not free weights. Dips are an extremely effective way of strengthening your triceps which will aid in lifting your body weight.
  5. Squats. Squats are one of the bread-and-butter workouts of the body building world. The squat targets the quadriceps primarily, but it also targets numerous secondary muscles. A gymnast requires full body strength, so compound workouts such as these are a welcome addition to anyone’s gymnastic conditioning drills.
  6. Leg-lifts.  While hanging from a bar or the rings, you are to raise your legs while keeping them vertical. This exercise is a great core and abdominal workout that will improve your balance, increase your strength and give you a taste of positions you may take later on in your gymnastic career.
  7. Toe raises. Toe raises improve the calves primarily. This workout will improve your jumping and springing ability, put more strength in your step, and also aid in bettering your coordination. Start off doing toe raises with light free weights in your hand.
  8. V-ups. V-ups are a fairly demanding abdominal workout which is necessary for some of the more advanced gymnastic workouts and maneuvers. A strong core coupled with conditioned abdominal muscles will be necessary for lifting your body weight and keeping your figure straight. If you are not ready or capable of doing V-ups, you can settle for regular crunches. It is necessary to have abdominal exercises in your gymnastics conditioning drills regardless of what variation of the sit-up you choose to use.
  9. Wide-grip Pull ups. A strong back will be necessary for many of the lifting maneuvers you will perform as a gymnast. This should be performed regularly with your gymnastics conditioning drills in order to strengthen back. Some people choose to lift themselves until the back of their neck touches the bar; others choose to lift themselves until their collarbone touches the bar. It is a matter of taste and both variations will allow you to reap the benefits of this amazing workout.
  10. Straddle Press. The straddle press is by no means a beginner workout. If you are new to exercising or gymnastics in general, you will probably find yourself to be incapable of doing this workout. You will have to build up to it. You need to be flexible and have developed a strong core. When you are capable of doing the straddle press, you should incorporate it into your gymnastics conditioning drills because it will improve your strength and balance effectively. 
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