Gymnastics Cool Down Activities

Finding the right gymnastics cool down activities can be an important part of keeping healthy and relaxed near the end of a long workout. The goal of a cool down in gymnastics is to lower the heart rate back to it's normal level and stretch out the muscles that you've just used. The following is a list of five gymnastics cool down activities that one can use to reach these goals.

  1. Tuck Up: A tuck up is an activity one can do during a gymnastics cool down. The tuck up requires the gymnast to lay on his/her back with his/her legs and arms laying flat on the mat. Then, the gymnast rises up in a sit-up position and grabs his/her legs with his/her arms. The gymnast holds this position for a few second and then lets go, slowly returning to the mat.
  2. Foot Balancing: Standing on one foot and working on your balance is a good technique for a gymnastics cool down activity. This activity involves holding one foot up in the air behind the body. Then, the gymnast focuses on one spot in the area and holds the position for several seconds. This not only helps stretch the muscle out, but also helps your mind relax as well.
  3. Touching Toes: Another gymnastics cool down activity that is great is touching toes. This activity involves the gymnast standing straight up and then slowly reaching down and trying to touch his/her toes with his/her fingers. The gymnast may not be able to reach the toes comfortably, but the goal is to try and reach towards them. This helps stretch out the leg muscles.
  4. Yoda Position: The Yoda position is exactly what you would think. You sit like Yoda, or you grab both feet and bring them together in front of your body. Then you pull your feet towards your body, stretching out your legs and cooling your muscles down.
  5. Walking: Walking can be a simple, yet excellent way to cool down after a gymnastics workout. Walking slowly around a track or walkway can help lower the heart rate and help the gymnast breath. Many individuals walk with two arms and hands placed behind their head. The walking can last for several minutes, half an hour, or until the gymnast is rested.
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