Gymnastics Equipment For Home

You can make gymnastics equipment for home if you need that extra place to work out with savings in mind. You need some materials and guidance to make this equipment. Gather the following materials and make gymnastics equipment for home.

  1. You need to buy PVC pipe that is cut to the measurements that you require. there should be at least one longer pipe to use as a handle bar. You will also need to side beams to support the bars. Ask your trainer what you need to work out at home. They are very helpful in this area and will encourage your desire to add this workout to your training. The PVC can be bought at several home supply and plumbing stores. Have them cut what you need to the sizes that you require.
  2. PVC T-joints, caps, and elbows to match the design of your equipment. Also buy liquid nails and quick drying cement. Set those things aside and begin assembly of your gymnastics equipment for home. You also need to decide where to place the gymnastic bars. Out side or or the grass is best for this easy install procedure.
  3. Add the elbow joint to each PVC pipe. Once you do that then add the T-joints to the PVC pipe. This will become handle bars.
  4. Next take the handle bar that has the joints and elbows on them and attach the side pieces that support the handle bars of the gymnastics equipment for home. This will be your basic excessive bar. It can be used for strength training and flip practice. You still have to add the base and secure all of the pieces. Test the height and basic design of the set up. If all is right then you can proceeded to secure the pieces.
  5. Now carefully take one piece at a time and add the liquid nails inside of each piece. You do this by removing the pieces that you just fit together and putting the liquid nails on it. then re-assemble and allow it to dry.
  6. Mix the cement and begin preparation for the placement of your new gymnastics equipment for home. Place the gymnastic equipment where you wish it to be permanently. The base of the two poles should have a one inch side ditch dug to add cement to the gym structure. One those holes are dug then remove the gym equipment and quickly add the cement in the hole. Once that is done then replace the gymnastic equipment back into their holes and firmly set as you want the design to be. Allow this to dry. It takes about 48 hours to dry. Now you have your gymnastics equipment for home.
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