Gymnastics Exercises For Beginners

Men's Gymnastics exercises for beginners help gymnasts build a solid base when it comes to gymnastics training. When watching gymnastic competitions people always see high risk routines with advanced movements. These routines take years of dedication to perform. Beginning male gymnastics exercises help gymnasts progress to more advanced exercise, and keep them motivated to increase their strength and conditioning levels. These beginning exercises will also increase muscle mass, and help the body lose fat. 

  1. Frog Stand. The frog stand is a beginner gymnastic exercise. The gymnasts will get in a squat position, and place their hands on the ground. He will lean forward, with his legs off of the ground, and place his knees on his elbows. The gymnast will hold this position for one minute. This exercise helps beginning gymnasts improve balance, strength, and stamina.
  2. High Bar Tuck Front Lever. The high bar tuck front lever is a beginner gymnasts exercise that increases grip, back, and bicep strength. The gymnasts hangs on a high bar with an overhand grip. He will bring his knees to his chest, and lean back while holding the bar. When the gymnasts leans back he will hold the position for one minute. This exercise helps gymnasts progress to an advanced tuck front lever.
  3. Push-ups. Push ups are a great exercise for building strength for beginning male gymnasts. To perform a push up the gymnast must lye in a prone position, with their toes on the floor with their hands on the ground. The gymnast will push their body up off the ground, and then lower themselves back down. Once beginning gymnasts are able to perform multiple push ups they are able to progress to handstand positions. Push ups also strengthen the chest, shoulders, triceps, and abs. When these muscles are strengthened it helps gymnasts be able to perform other difficult gymnastics exercises. Perform 5 sets of between 15 to 25 reps. When push-ups get easy, add more reps and sets.
  4. Pull Ups. Pull ups help gymnasts increase strength in the back, biceps, forearms, and rear deltoids. To perform a pull up the gymnast must hang from the bar with their hands shoulder width a part. The gymnasts will pull their body up until the bar is touches their chest, and then slowly drop back to the starting point. When beginning gymnasts can perform pull ups they are able to progress to other difficult movements such as ring pull ups, high bars, l-pull ups and muscle ups. Pull ups also increase grip strength, which helps beginning gymnasts with other advanced grip exercises. Perform 5 sets of as many reps as possible.
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