Gymnastics Floor Exercise Training Tips

Need some gymnastics floor exercise training tips for doing round offs or neck kip ups? Then here are some must-know tips that can help you amp up your gymnastics act and improve how you execute basic gymnastics floor tricks.

  1. Stretch your neck and hamstrings first. Sit on the ground, spread your legs apart and reach for your toes. Tuck your head down toward your shoulder as you do so to create a streamlined stretch.
  2. Practice a regular cartwheel before doing a round off. If you can't do a straight cartwheel, you don't have a chance of performing a proper round off. Be sure to keep your legs straight as you roll.
  3. Turn your hand as you start your round off. Do your cartwheel as usual, but when you go to put down your second hand, turn it in toward the first hand. To end, square up your hips so that your feet land side by side, not one after another.
  4. Do a bridge before doing back bends or back flips. You want to make sure your spine is all stretched out before whacking it around in mid-air.
  5. Work more bounce into your handsprings. As you go from a regular round off and into a handspring, you'll want to be sure you're getting enough lift. Doing regular lunges on a mat can help, as well as practicing on a springboard placed on the floor so you get used to going aerial.
  6. Straighten your handstands for front handsprings. Perfecting your handstands against a wall will help you do multiple front handsprings in a row. Make sure your calves and hamstrings are flexed to help you spring into the next handstand.
  7. Press up your shoulders as you do handstands. This is crucial both for handsprings and round offs. This launching motion will propel you into a bounce, which is necessary for aerial and floor gymnastics.
  8. Work on backward rolls. Another crucial gymnastics floor exercise training tip is getting into your neck kip ups. You want to roll over backwards with your hands near your neck. Put your legs together, swing them over your head and draw your hips toward the ceiling. Spring forward quickly, using your hands as part of momentum for launching back up.
  9. Do lots of push ups. You can even do push up variations, like placing your feet on an exercise ball and pushing up with your shoulders. But you need a lot of upper body strength to do these gymnastics floor exercises properly.
  10. Split your legs apart as much as possible whenever you stretch. Make yourself a goal to stretch your legs out a little more every time you do the splits. You want your butt to touch the floor in a front split, and for your legs to spread almost at a 180 degree angle doing a side split.
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