Gymnastics Leg Workout

Gymnastics leg workout is as important as exercising and conditioning the core muscles of the body. It is essential to keep the legs strong in gymnastics as it helps condition and strengthen the muscles of the legs to make it flexible and strong when performing various gymnastic moves. These gymnastics leg workouts are basic leg exercises to promote agility and strength of the legs.

  1. Running stairs leg workout. By running up and down the stairs one gets to strengthen the leg muscles. Although this may look like a very plain and simple gymnastics leg workout, it is an effective exercise to develop strength and power to the legs.
  2. Simple pit jumps. This leg workout is a basic exercise to develop the strengths of the leg muscles. It is performed by jumping up and down a pit or any soft surface that will not cause you to rebound or bounce back.
  3. Squat jumps. Keep your back as straight as you can. Bend your knees while your heels remain flat on the floor. Bend as low as you can until your fingers are touching the floor then return back to a stretched position.
  4. Squat jumps across the floor. With the squat jump position, bend down and leap from where you are to as far as you can. Create a little arch as you leap from your original place to a targeted distance.
  5. The calf raises leg exercise. To start with this gymnastics leg workout first look for a stable surface to stand on like a chair, block or stairs that will provide stable base support. Stand on it in erect position and balance your weight with the balls of your feet with your heels hanging off the step or sturdy platform. Raise your heel to stand on your toe then slowly lower it down to the starting position. This leg workout accelerates the calf size and makes good progress in developing strength in the calves.
  6. Fast and slow block jumps. Fast block jumps aid in the development of floor and vault power while slow block jumps aid in strength development. To do a fast block jump, stand on the edge of a sturdy block of mid-thigh height then stand with your heels out. Jump off the block backwards and jump back to the block in quick successions. A slow block jump is the same as a fast block jump but doesn’t require you to rebound back to the block. Instead of rebounding back to the block, stay at the bottom then jump back on the top of the block.
  7. The mountain climber leg workout. To do the mountain climber exercise, assume a push up position with the arms straight with the balls of the feet on the floor. Slowly bring the left knee towards the right arm and back to the starting position. Alternate the same movement with the right knee by bringing it towards the left arm done in ten repetitions.
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