Gymnastics Leotards For Men

Gymnastics leotards for men are difficult to find because of the rarity of men in the sport. Many people can picture the sparkly, intricate leotards that the female gymnasts wear, however less comes to mind when one thinks about a male leotard. There are several different types of male leotards for gymnastics. Below is a list of several different types of male leotard options and styles.

  1. Singlet: A singlet is a type of gymnastic leotard for men. This leotard is a sleeveless one piece that covers the chest and lower extremities of the male gymnast's body. The singlet is a great option for a male leotard because it allows for flexibility while performing the moves. 
  2. Shorts: Shorts are different than a singlet, based on the fact that their is no fabric covering the chest of the male gymnast. The shorts cover only the bottom half of the male body, but do not extend past the knees. The shorts leotard for male gymnasts are different than regular shorts because they are generally tighter fitting, as not to interfere with the gymnast during the routine.
  3. Long Pants: Some male gymnasts prefer to wear long pants leotards. These leotards include fabric that covers the entire leg of the male gymnast. The long pants are generally tighter fitting on the male gymnast, as not to interfere with the routine. The long pants are often one colored.
  4. Stir-ups: Stir-up pants are the final leotard style available for male gymnasts. The stir-up leotard is usually a long tight-fitting pants material. The bottom of the foot is covered with a white strap that holds the pants in place. The stir-ups are meant for holding the pants in place and not allowing them to creep up during the male gymnasts routine.
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