Gymnastics Running Drills

Gymnastics running drills will give you the endurance you need to get through your gymnastics routines successfully. Sometimes, novice gymnasts don’t realize just how much endurance is needed during routines, particularly ones that incorporate many different muscle groups. In addition to giving you endurance, gymnastics running drills will work various muscle groups throughout your body, particularly in your legs and core.

  1. Run a fast mile. As part of your gymnastics endurance draining, complete a running drill where you run one mile at an exceptionally fast pace. This will mainly depend on your athletic ability. Typically, gymnasts run about one seven minute mile. However, you should complete your mile as fast as you can while exerting about 80% effort. This means 80% as fast as you can run a short distance, like a 100 yard dash.
  2. Run in circles. As a gymnast, running drills that increase your agility are very important to incorporate into your exercise routine. When you run in a tight, circular pattern, such as a figure eight, you help to improve your agility while building up quite a bit of endurance.
  3. Utilize sprint training. Sprints are a very important running drill for gymnasts. They force you to utilize short bursts of energy during a very intense workout. This is the same concept as some or all of your gymnastics routines. A routine consists of completing a short, intense workout in front of judges who are critiquing your form and skill level. Start with sprints of 100 yards running as fast as you can. Then jog for about twice or three times that distance to catch your breath and sprint again.
  4. Get off the treadmill. Complete some of your gymnastics running drills on grass, trails or even the road, rather than running on a flat treadmill. This will help you get some running on hills, which does wonders for strengthening your leg muscles that you use during your gymnastics routines. You might also be able to run faster outside since your surroundings are constantly changing and there’s more for you to focus on.
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