Gymnastics Splits Training Tips

Gymnastics splits training tips can help you accomplish the sought after gymnastics split. There are several variations on gymnastics splits, but basically, if you can get your legs parallel to each other, you have accomplished it. Training for a split involves greatly increasing the flexibility in your leg muscles and of course, practicing getting into and out of the split.

  1. Understand the difference between the two main gymnastics splits. The front split is done by bringing one leg in front of your body and the other leg behind. If the right leg is forward, then it’s a right split. If the left leg is forward, it’s a left split. A side split is done by extending each leg outward from your torso. This is also known as a straddle split.
  2. Work on your flexibility. Several muscles in your body need to be extremely flexible before you can accomplish any type of gymnastics split. These muscles include your hamstrings, hip flexors, groin muscles and quadriceps. Stretch each of these muscles daily or several times a day as you train for gymnastics splits.
  3. Start slow. Once you’ve gained some flexibility in the key muscle groups, start practicing the different types of splits. However, understand that you won’t be able to go into a full gymnastics split. This will take time. Get as low to the ground as you can for a front split and spread your legs as wide as you can for a side split. Don’t force your legs further than you can comfortably go. You may feel some pressure and slight strain, but you should not feel pain.
  4. Keep at it. Each day, practice the various types of gymnastics splits and continue to do your stretches. Each week, you’ll find that you get closer and closer to a full gymnastics split. As your training progresses, pressure and strain should dissipate.
  5. Tilt your pelvis if you feel pain. Some people are flexible enough to do gymnastics splits but feel pain in their hip joints because their pelvis is not positioned properly. Tilting your pelvis forward slightly can help this issue.
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