Gymnastics Stretching Routine

Make these stretches a part of your gymnastics stretching routine. Since gymnasts require a great deal of flexibility, you can benefit from adding new stretches to your routine. These stretches target different muscle groups so you can maintain a limber body all over. Along with that, using them is also good because it helps prevent injuries.

  1. Ankle Stretches – This is good to have in a gymnastics stretching routine because your ankles are the foundation of your body. In order to do this stretch, you will need to rotate your ankles. This is done by pointing your toes and drawing imaginary circles with your foot. Do this clockwise five times and counterclockwise another five times. Then, repeat the process using your other foot.
  2. Bridge Stretch – This should be part of your gymnastics stretching routine because it stretches your abdominal muscles, shoulders and back. In order to do it, you will need to be in the bridge position. This is done by extending your arms and legs and placing your body in an arched position towards the ceiling. Make sure not to bend your elbows. Then, lean forward while exhaling and hold the position.
  3. Arm Rotator Stretch – In order to incorporate this into your gymnastics stretching routine, you will need a yardstick or broomstick. Once you have one, stand and have an arm out with your forearm bent at a ninety degree angle. Then, place the broom or yardstick in your hand so it's behind your elbow. Use your other hand to pull the opposite end of the stick forward. This is a great way to stabilize your shoulders and prevent an injury to your rotator cuff.
  4. Squatted Abductor Stretch – Add this to your gymnastics stretching routine because it will stretch the muscles in the interior part of your thighs. In order to do it, stand so your legs are wide apart. Also, make sure your toes are pointed forward. Then, lean down and allow your legs and back to feel the stretch. To make it more difficult, bend one of your legs at the knee and lean in that direction. Hold for a short time and repeat the process bending your other knee.
  5. Neck Stretch – Make sure you don't forget to add this to your gymnastics stretching routine. It's a great way to prevent getting kinks in your neck. Along with that, it is really easy to perform. All you need to do is rotate your head from side to side and hold for ten seconds.
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