Gymnastics Training Drills

Gymnastic training drills are composed of stretching techniques, weight lifting, and body weight exercises. These training drills should aim to further condition the body and muscular endurance for the movements that will be performed while maintaining flexibility. Here is a list of gymnastic training drills to do:

  1. Handstand Push-up. The handstand push-up allows you to hone your vertical posture when balancing on your hands. This variation of the push-up is also a compound workout that builds much of the muscle in your arms. This exercise will probably be one of the more readily applicable movements that you perform in your gymnastic training drills. It is readily applicable because some exercises, such as the straddle press, make use of a similar movement as the handstand push-up.
  2. Bench press. The bench press is a compound workout that targets the triceps and the chest effectively. To effectively make use of the bench press for gymnastics, it is recommended that you focus on more repetitions for muscular endurance. You should seek to perform at least ten repetitions for three sets at a moderate weight. The chest becomes more important as you begin to do work on the rings and bars.
  3. Dips. Dips are a compound exercises that focus primarily on the triceps while also working the chest secondarily. This is a great body weight exercises that merely requires two parallel bars. You should seek to perform more reps than you would do for a free weight exercise. This workout targets the triceps so it is an isolation exercise that you should only use to supplement the push-up or bench press.
  4. Pull-ups.  The pull-ups train the back to lift your body weight. You can either pull up until the bar touches the back of your neck or until it touches your collar bone. Regardless of which execution technique you use, you will be primarily targeting your upper back muscles.
  5. Squats. Squats are a compound exercise in which you place a barbell on your shoulders/back and squat down. This workout targets your quadriceps but it also exercises the secondary muscles such as the hamstrings and glutes.
  6. Leg raises. For leg raises, it is recommended that you do them on a bar or on rings. You simply grab onto the bar in a dead hang, then straighten your legs and lift them slowly until they are perpendicular to your body. This exercise strengthens your core and abdominal muscles.
  7. V-ups. V-ups just happen to be a particular favorite of many gymnasts. What is important is that you incorporate some form of abdominal workout in your gymnastic training drills. These can include any variation of the sit-up that you like.
  8. Muscle-ups. Muscle-ups are performed on either the bar or rings. You pull yourself up as you would do in a pull-up motion, then you transition to a sort of dip position and raise yourself until your arms are straight. It is best to see a video example of this motion before attempting it. This workout is very strenuous so it is recommended to try and do five to eight repetitions of this exercise for three sets.
  9. Straddle Press. The straddle press is a fairly advanced movement that requires practice to be able to form. You start off on your buttocks and your legs spread wide apart. Then you raise yourself with your arms in a locked position, and then slowly raise yourself into a handstand. It is a very strenuous movement but it greatly works the stabilizer muscles and improves your coordination.
  10. Power clean and press. The power clean/press is a compound free-weight exercise that greatly improves explosive power. This workout uses much of the muscles in your body, which gives you a nice full-body workout from only one movement. The possibilities for the amount of weight one can lift doing this workout is pretty great, so it is recommended that you go for at most 75% of your max weight. With that weight, you should seek to perform around eight to ten repetitions for three sets. This is so you can build muscular endurance and strength opposed to achieving hypertrophy. 
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