Gymnastics Training Exercises

Gymnastics training exercises helps hone strength and skills require for gymnastics.  This international sport is a performance of exercises requiring physical strength, flexibility, agility, coordination, balance, and grace.  Involving exercises like the floor exercise, pommel horse, still rings, vault, parallel bars, and the high bar.  This is not a weekend sport as it is physically demanding.  Lets look at some gymnastics training exercises that gymnasts practice.

  1. Floor Backwards Roll.  This gymnastics training exercise is about using your arms to push.  Perform a roll back starting with your hands on the floor.  Keep your fingers pointed towards you.  You should land on the feet and not the knees.
  2. Floor Forward Pike Roll.  This will help the gymnast perform an extended forward rolls and forward handstand roll.  The hands need to be pushing on the floor before the feet touch.  You must reach down towards your calves to enable a longer push.
  3. Flyaway on Rings.  This ring exercise helps in the landing.  A common error is to release the rings and swing off.  Instead, the gymnast should pull down and snap back on the rings.  Generating a flyaway as such will enable the gymnast to get more height.
  4. Muscle Up.  This ring exercise helps you get up the rings.  The first thing to learn in this gymnastics training exercise is the grip.  The ring should rest fully on the heel of the palm so that the hand is completely on top of the ring.  With a good grip do pull ups and dips to develop strength.
  5. Press to Handstand/Shoulder Stand.  This gymnastics training exercise on the ring emphasizes the lift as you go to a shoulder stand.  As the gymnast pushes on the rings remember to keep the shoulders tight.  It is important to that the shoulder be pushed out and not shrugged.
  6. Blocking Drills.  This gymnastics training exercise helps improve performance on the vault.  The run, punch off, and fall should be executed with only a few steps. Arms should be kept close to the ears and the body should be rigid.
  7. The Arm Swing.  This training exercise on the vault helps improve the lift generated by the springboard.  This involves swinging the arms upward as the gymnast punches off the board.  You should practice straight jumps off a spring board onto a large mat.
  8. False Scissor.  Performing this exercise on the pommel horse helps improve the scissor movement.  This is done by maintaining a stride swing and placing the front leg on the horse at the peak.  While keeping the back legs high and extended.  The end of this exercise should end with the feet straddling the side.
  9. The Mushroom.  This is an important exercise for the pommel horse.  When training on the mushroom the legs must be extended and hips turned the opposite direction.
  10. Flair.  This gymnastics training exercise is for the pommel horse.  Start with counter circling your legs and develop that into the flair.  For this exercise, it is important to dig in with the left heel when the flair passes the front.
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