Gymnastics Workout For Floor Exercises

If you want to do a gymnastics workout for floor exercises before delving right into your gymnastics routine, you need to gradually work into it. Don't perform your most difficult maneuvers until you're properly stretched out, or you'll be making a chiropractor appointment the minute you finish your session.

  1. Pick a great playlist before you begin. The right blend of upbeat music will help your gymnastics workout go a lot quicker. But try to steer away from the totally dancey stuff if you want to keep your man card intact.
  2. Do a regular warm up before any gymnastics. We're talking about moves as simple as pulling your knees to your chest and stretching your hamstrings. Don't overlook simple exercises just because they seem too easy. They might just save your muscles.
  3. Practice the basics. A great way to develop the perfect gymnastics workout for floor exercises is to break down your tough moves into itty bitty parts. Determine what needs improvement and practice those as part of your exercises.
  4. Improve your form. Work on basic exercises like handstands, and have a spotter make sure your legs are really going all the way up. Try to hold it longer and longer each time so you can build on your handstands in your gymnastics routine.
  5. Stretch out your spine. Gymnastics workouts are very demanding for your spine. Doing spine exercises like somersaults, bridges and backbends will help you maintain a good shape while you do harder moves like back flips.
  6. Widen your splits. Doing the splits-whether front or side-takes a lot of practice. Work on stretching the tendons inside your thighs to prevent injuries. Try to slide down a little further every time you do the splits until you finally reach the floor.
  7. Work out the cracks with some Pilates. Doing Pilates is one of the best gifts you can give your body during a gymnastics workout for floor exercises. Pilates make you more flexible and strengthen every piece of your core, so you'll look and feel leaner while doing your tricks.
  8. Condition your back with Yoga. Yoga has tons of exercises for your back, including moves like the cobra or upward facing dog. These moves both require you to lay on the floor, prop yourself on your hands or elbows and curl your spine up and back. If you need to get some pops out of your back before doing flips, Yoga exercises are a great way to do that.
  9. Build upper body strength. Doing muscle-buiding exercises like pushups and pushup variations will help you when doing vaults and ring exercises. Pump some muscle into those biceps to more easily lift yourself into tricks.
  10. Perform squat jumps. Squat jumps condition your leg muscles to give you more lift as you spring into a trick. Do these the same way you would do regular squats, except you need to add a quick jump at the end. Spring through your heels instead of just using your glutes to lift you.
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