Gymnastics Workout For High Bar


Gymnastics workouts for the high bar are important to gymnasts, as the upper strength of the body is needed for them to perform flexibility exercises and to develop a strong foundation when they perform certain tricks, postures and techniques. This exercise aims to strengthen vital parts of the body including the arms, shoulders, back and chest. The high bar usually has a height of 275 cm with length of 240 cm and diameter of 2.8 cm. In performing the basic gymnastics workout for high bar, one can perform the following:

  1. Perform front hip circle. As the name suggests, this will take the gymnast forward to the bar with just one revolution. In order to perform this, an individual can place his mid-thigh in the bar for support position. With a straight arm, the individual can then fall forward to enable rotation around the bar. Once rotation is complete, the individual is back to the support position.
  2. Transition from different skills. This is a gymnastics workout which is called the cast. This allows an individual to change and shift from one skill to the other using a bar. This will begin through a pike position with the arms straight with the body bending at the hips and legs being pointed toward the mat. With this position, one can then facilitate his move through driving his legs backward and connecting different skill from one another.
  3. Descend from the bar through a forward roll. This gymnastics workout is particularly important especially when an individual is first introduced to the use of bars. In order to facilitate this, one can roll forward on the bar while the bar is at the hip level. The legs will be in pike position and the gymnast is to perform rotation around the bar. This will end through the hang position and will then pave the way for the gymnast to get off from the bar.
  4. Perform a hip exercise. One can perform this gymnastic exercise commonly known as clear hip through developing a good back hip circle. One should avoid throwing the head back to make the circle but instead the head should be kept neutral at all times. The shoulders, on the other hand, will be the one responsible to initiate the circle through dropping it aggressively to the back.
  5. Observe proper coordinated body movements. It is important to keep in mind that an effective gymnastics workout for high bar will include movements that will both release and re-grasp the bar, the swing element to facilitate rotation around it and various techniques that will allow performance of different skills while on the bar. In order to perform a workout flawlessly, one should remember that a tight body and good timing characterizes the use of high bars. There are also a variety of high bars that are available in the market and one should know how to evaluate them depending on what will best suit his routines.
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