Gymnastics Workout For Uneven Bars

The most important gymnastics workouts for uneven bars are those that develop core strength in the middle of a gymnast’s body and upper body and arm strength, as that is what a gymnast will primarily use to perform on the uneven parallel bars. There are a number of basic gymnastics workouts to prepare people to perform on uneven bars, making sure they are strong enough in certain places so that they do not injure themselves when performing on the piece of equipment itself. By doing these gymnastics workouts for uneven bars regularly, gymnasts will be properly prepared for the uneven parallel bars.

  1. Pull-ups. As gymnasts will have to rely on their arms to pull themselves up above the uneven bars into a handstand, or swing around on them regularly, incredibly strong arms that can pull their body weight above a bar are a must. This gymnastics workout for uneven bars is required of these gymnasts and they should be able to do multiple sets of pull-ups in a row, as well as lift their entire body above the bar.
  2. Handstands. This gymnastics workout for uneven bars should be practiced on a mat first, so that gymnasts can become perfect at holding a handstand in place for an extended period of time. They should lift their bodies up into a handstand and try to hold it for 30 seconds to a minute straight, helping strengthen both their upper body and their core abdominal muscles. The more strength a gymnast has in these muscles, the better they will be able to perform on the uneven bars.
  3. Dips. Dips are a reverse pull-up to a certain extent, as it requires the gymnast to lower themselves up and down on a bar, from their shoulders down. This gymnastics workout for uneven bars, strengthens the arms but also strengthens the back of the gymnast, so that they have even more control over their body when doing their routine on the uneven bars.
  4. Sit-ups and Leg Lifts. A gymnastics workout for uneven bars that is an absolute must are ones that strengthen the abdominal muscles in a gymnast. These consist of everything from hundreds of sit-ups to a gymnast lying flat on a mat or holding themselves up and lifting their legs up straight and then slowly lowering them down over and over again. This will strengthen abdominal muscles and core muscles which a gymnast will need for an uneven bar routine.
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