Hair Colors For Your Skin Tone

Enhance your complexion by choosing the perfect hair colors for your skin tone. Whether your hair is dyed at home or at the barbershop, it is essential to find flawless colors for your skin tone. Avoid the drab, washed out and muddy appearance wrong hair color can cause. Discover your skin's undertone to help find a complimenting hair color.

  1. Pink undertones Look at the veins visible on the inside on your wrist. If they are blue, your skin will have a cool undertone. Men with pink skin undertones often fall into the "cool" shade category of hair colors. Hair colors of ash brown, burgundy, mahogany and platinum will look best on pink skin undertones.
  2. Blue undertones If your eyes are blue, hazel or dark brown, you more than likely have a blue undertone that is a cool skin tone. People with blue undertones will avoid bronze, gold, yellow and other warm colors to prevent looking washed out. Similar to pink undertones, blue undertones will look best with ash browns, mahogany, chocolate browns and burgundy hair colors.
  3. Red undertones People with red skin undertones will often have freckles, constantly have a redness to the skin and natural red hair. Avoid bright red colors, and try honey brown or golden hair shades with caramel highlights to decrease the appearance of red skin.
  4. Yellow undertones While pale people often have cool shades of skin, yellow undertones are normally tanned people of Asian and Caucasian descent. People with yellow undertones often have golden brown, green and hazel eyes with golden blonde, red, dark brown and strawberry blonde hair. Seek hair colors that are golden and honey colored, and avoid jet black and ash hair colors.
  5. Brown undertones African American, Indian and dark Latino men will more than likely have brown undertones. People with brown skin should avoid platinum, ash and other cool colors. Warm colors such as dark brown, black and auburn will compliment brown skin tones well.



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