Hair Extensions Pros And Cons

Get the pros and cons of hair extensions to be informed ahead of time. Hair extensions are available as wigs or hair pieces to make hair or a ponytail look longer and fuller. Depending on the kind you get both synthetic (fake hair) and real human hair pieces are out there. Human hair wigs are a lot more expensive. Tons of celebrities use hair extensions to play different parts in movies and tv roles. Everyday people get wigs and hair pieces to create "instant" length and or fullness to their hair. There are good and bad things about using extensions.

  1. Creating fun lengths Hair extensions are great for someone who wants to take their shoulder length hair and make it a foot longer. That is part of what hair extensions are made for. If your girl wants to have fuller looking hair, hair extensions are perfect for that. Some of them are relatively easy to attach.
  2. Different styles The variety of styling hair extensions offer make them popular. Your girlfriend can get curly long haired extensions and add it to her shorter ponytail for a dramatically different look. She can add a few curly extensions with different lengths to create longer, curlier layered hair.
  3. Why hair extensions are damaging Hair extensions are not that nice to the hair. When they are attached to the hair, they tend to break off the ends of the natural hair causing damage. When they are used, it's very difficult to grow out the natural hair because of this. The hair gets splits and is weaker.
  4. Not cheap Unless you get your girlfriend the synthetic hair extensions, you and her are going to fork out the bucks for the different look. The real human hair pieces are better quality. Long haired people can’t donate their hair or have it sold unless it’s virgin – not chemically altered. Human hair extensions are like starting with hair from scratch. You and your girlfriend will have to compromise on this one. She will probably want the real hair pieces because you can do more with them. For basic styling like adding fullness and length, both work fine.



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