Hair Styles For Thin Hair

Like their feminine counterparts, many men need good hairstyles for thin hair. In fact, in many ways it's even more traumatizing for you male creatures who experience thin spots on their scalp or who are starting to lose their hair altogether. Fret not thin-haired fellows, there are solutions that won't leave you looking like a practical joke gone horribly wrong, or worse, a man who actually worries about the state of his once luscious locks!

  1. Go All the Way: Bald, that is. Nowadays, it's ultra fashionable to sport a sleek, shiny pate. Gather your courage, break out the clippers and learn to embrace your baldness.  Believe it or not, ladies will flock to your new look.
  2. Serious Looks for Serious Dudes: Picture this: A man in uniform. He has a short, severe hairstyle that begs the touch of female fingers. Yes, it's that tried and true standby, the crew cut, a perfect style for thin hair. Your hair dresser can put a modern spin on this antique "do" and you'll be none the worse for wear.
  3. Be a King Among Men: In by-gone days, Julius Caesar wore it with dignity. In these more modern times, George Clooney wears it with pride and must beat the women off with a stick or ten. The Caesar style consists of a horizontal fringe cut over the forehead and combed down toward the eyes. It's delightfully deceptive.
  4. Let It Fade Away: The fade is perfect for thin hair around the sides of the head and for balding men as well. It's very closely-cropped on the sides and fades up to thicker hair around the top of the head. This cut avoids the puffed up patches similar to a Bozo the clown do.
  5. Top It With a Flat Look: When it comes to hairstyles for thin hair, most people don't think of a flat top. In truth, this type of style can effectively hide bald or thin areas on the very top of the head. Plus, it's just so darned sharp-looking.
  6. Go Retro: It's possible to trick the eye into ignoring thin hair by growing it long. Most people who look will assume the hair looks thin due to the weight of its length. Take it a step further by securing it with an elastic band. Go ahead, channel the 1970s.
  7. Faux Hawk: If you're a young man with an even younger spirit, consider leaving the hair long near the top of your head. You can sweep it up and fashion it into a totally rad faux hawk to cover thin or bald spots. You may have to come clean in the bedroom but by then, she's sure to be smitten with your personality, right?
  8. Spikey Goodness: Take the flat top up a notch and use a little styling product to create long, thin-hair-masking spikes on the top of your head. As long as you don't have to bend over, no one will be the wiser. If you want to propose to your girl, just wear a groovy hat.
  9. Layers and Textures: Chaos rules when you choose this hairstyle. Push it this way or that and people will think you're the very picture of high fashion. This is the perfect style for a young dude on the prowl who wants people to think he leads a carefree existence.
  10. Comb Over: As an example of what not to do, consider the comb over. No, really, consider the comb over. It screams so very many things to those who unfortunately look its way. If you want people to know you have issues with your mane, this hairstyle for thin hair will certainly do the trick.
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