Hairstyles For Round Face Men

Are you looking for hairstyles for round face? There are many styles that men can choose from, but some hair styles look better for guys with fuller faces. These hair cuts can add sophistication and make the face appear less round. Short hairstyles look better on men with round faces.

  1. The Buzz cut This hairstyle gives guys a look that conveys style and organization. It is a popular style that is easy to maintain. Men will like the simplicity of being able to shower and go. This look is seen often in balding and military men but works well for round face men, too.
  2. The Wispy cut This fashion trend will elongate a round face and bring attention toward the hairstyle and away from the fullness of the face. It is a very fashionable look and works well for fuller faced men when the hair is swept away from the face or towards the back of the head.
  3. The Short Shag cut Round faced men look great with this fashion forward look. It is cut above the ears in a layered shag. Short bangs are swept softly across the forehead.
  4. The Butch cut This male hairstyle is cut so that it is the same length all over. Hair is trimmed above the ears. This look is longer than the buzz cut. It is a simple haircut that is clean and easy to maintain.
  5. The Short Fringe cut This hairstyle looks great on all men, but it can create the appearance thinness on men who have round facial features. Men can choose to brush hair away from the head and or use mousse and gel to style hair towards the center of the head. Hair is longer on the top, but still cut close to the head around the ears and neck.

There are various hairstyles for men with round faces. It is important to find a style that is slimming and does not emphasize fullness of the cheeks and chin.

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