Hairstyles For Young Men

Hairstyles for young men include short, medium and longer length hairstyles. The shape of a man's face should be considered when choosing a length that is right for him. Employment may also play a part in the type of hairstyle a man chooses to wear.

Short hairstyles for young men include no hair, the “buzz cut,” and the “surfer look.” There are different reasons that men choose these styles.

  1. No hair. Young men who work outside in the heat or are experiencing hair loss may prefer to just shave it for a clean look.
  2. The buzz cut. Young men who work in the military or work in hot environments may prefer a cut with just a little bit of their hair present.
  3. The surfer look. Young men who want a stylish look can keep their hair short on the sides and back and wear it longer on the top of their heads. Gel and mousse can be applied to the longer part of the hair to give it some style. Men can opt for a spiky look with this style.
  4. Faux Mohawk. For this look, the hair is styled toward the center of the head for a look that resembles a Mohawk, but with hair on the sides. Gel, mousse and hair products can be used to give it some added style.

Medium hairstyles for young men usually come down to the cheek. Medium-length hairstyles for men include the “shaggy look” and “wavy look.” A medium haircut does not have to be messy. This style has a more “boyish” look than longer or shorter hairstyles.

  1. The shaggy look. This hairstyle for young men is considered shaggy because it is an in-between hairstyle. The hair is not short or long. This length generally falls flat, but you can get some layers so that your hair will have a mixture of different lengths. Slight waves and lengths can be emphasized by using gels and lightweight mousses.
  2. The wavy look. A medium-length hairstyle works great for young men with naturally wavy hair. Hair can be styled as a face frame when hair products are applied. For men who have wild or kinky hair, get a full haircut that is slightly rounded. This will give your hair a natural look. Deep conditioning products can help keep wavy hair looking healthy.

While short and medium-length hairstyles are more commonly seen, there are many men who choose to have long hair. Long hair can be left loose or pulled back into a pony tail, a braid or dreadlocks. Another popular style is the “mullet.”

  1. Long hair left loose. This look requires more maintenance and hair care. Use a good shampoo and conditioner. This hairstyle requires getting your hair trimmed every six to eight weeks to make sure that split ends are removed.
  2. Long hair pulled back. Hair that is pulled back into a ponytail, braid or dreadlocks is easier to manage. Men who wear their hair this way can just shower and go.
  3. The mullet. The mullet is an older look. Hair is cut short in the front and sides but left long in the back. This look can be pulled back into a ponytail also.

Young men have many options today when it comes to hairstyles. Stylists can help young men choose a look that is right for them.

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